There are 4 product conditions we have on our site to help our customers have an understanding on the quality of the product they are purchasing. 



Products in Perfect Condition are like new with very minor visible scratches, hardly seen within 30cm of distance from eyesight. Battery life is guaranteed at 80% or above.


Products in Good Condition have visible scratches that are able to be seen within 30cm of distance with eyesight. 


Products in Fair Condition have visible scratches that are able to be seen from more than 30cm of distance with eyesight.


ALL FAIR, GOOD, PERFECT Products are fully functional and working.



Products in Clearance have significant imperfections that impair basic standard of use and functionality of the product. Defects such as extremely low battery life, cracked screens, loose hinges, large scratches, etc.; These products are functional and working with the written defects. Please read the description and ask for more pictures or information if necessary before purchasing.



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